A Saint Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Administration Will:
For the good that we can do…

Build a strong and vibrant economy capable of generating high levels of growth while exploring and expanding into new frontiers for economic development.

Deliver a bold, innovative and responsive government that puts people first and that is results oriented.

Deliver a government that sees every problem through the lens of innovation and that will find creative means to turn outside-the-box ideas into a reality.

Treat the environment with utmost respect and we will mainstream sustainability into all decision-making.

Achieve better balance in the involvement of women and youth in nation building.

Introduce strategic thinking and planning into the public administration system - providing the highest quality customer service to all citizens and residents

Outlaw any practice that would promote any form of discrimination, victimization or harassment or which may disrespect the rights, dignity and legitimate democratic interests of any citizen or voter.

Redefine and reform the way we educate our people by stimulating a second education revolution. Our education system will be redefined to ensure we educate our young people to find and excel in their respective places on the world of work/employment.

Bolster our commitment to the concept of universal health coverage and access for all to the highest quality health care that our country can afford.